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Disaster Relief: Midwest Tornado Victims Offered Free Self-Storage

 Midwest Tornado Victims Comb Through Rubble 

Introduction: Fifty-eight tornados were reported hitting the Midwest including Missouri and Illinois February 28th killing eight reported victims.  The storm system posed a risk to 45 million people that included 180 mile per hour winds and hail.

Disaster relief: If your home looked like the one in the above photo, where would you store your valuables that you recovered?

The self-storage industry to the rescue: Several companies including UHAUL and Tri-State Storage offered free storage to Midwest tornado victims.

SquareFoot of Austin, Texas, offers online marketplace for self-storage units, established a Storage Industry Disaster Relief Fund to help victims of recent tornado outbreaks and future disasters.

Conclusion: It is heartwarming when industry reaches out to victims of natural disasters with relief.  The self-storage industry has space to offer.  So, those who have lost their home or business can use free space to store what valuables recovered.