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Closely-Guarded Secrets To Becoming Carefree Investor

Issue 89 – Why Those Who Discovered The Secret Are So Happy

Introduction...The meeting was held at ElFenix in Dallas, Texas on March 15, 2016. This was spring break week and attendance was unusually low.  However, the meeting was quite lively and those in attendance were very engaged and excited to be there.  The meeting had a warmth and supportive atmosphere not common to many business luncheons.  Many of those in attendance were owners & investors of this asset class.

I have never been around a group of owners & investors who were so:

  1. Carefree
  2. Stress free
  3. Disconnected from current market conditions concerns
  4. Happy
  5. Joyful
  6. Supportive of one another

Why have you not heard of this before?  Several reasons:

  • Generally, this is not an asset class promoted by Wall Street
  • Insurance salesman do not sell this product
  • This is not a product promoted by most brokers – in fact, very few understand this class
  • Few people even notice this product type when they drive by it or ask if they should have this their portfolio

Here is a true story.  I contacted a broker with a major brokerage firm that I’ve done business with previously.  He said, “Bill, we just don’t sell that product here.”  Later, I discovered that his company had a national group active in this area and one of the top Texas brokers was in his office right under his nose.

So, it is apparent that this is a closely-guarded secret.  In fact, in the state of Texas, there are only a handful of brokers who sell it.

One of these brokers told me, “Bill, I discovered this asset class 17 years ago.  Once I understood it, this is all I wanted to sell.”  I heard those words by several people, “once I discovered this asset class this is all I want to invest in or purchase.”

There are many reasons these owners & investors mentioned above are so carefree.  One reason is that it does well in both good times and bad economic times.  Also, the loan default rate is low single digits.

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Why Self-Storage Investors Are The Happiest

 Highlights From Annual TSSA Conference

Introduction…The 2017 Annual Texas Self-Storage Conference was an amazing event.  The content shared was first class and meeting the participants was a real joy.

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How To Have Better Conversations

 Issue 78 – ROI of Better Conversations

Introduction…Award-winning journalist and author Celest Headlee is the keynote speaker at the Big Ideas in Storage at the Texas Self Storage Association’s Conference on October 19th. CNN voted her the most-watched Ted Talks in 2016.

Q & A With The Author

Q. How did you become an expert on good communications?

A. While working as the host of the public radio show, “The Takeaway,” I wanted to hone my interviewing skills.  The information I found did not work.  So, I started consulting brain science on how different cultures communicate.  I ended up with new insights into a good conversation.

Q. You said most people don’t converse very well.  What do you mean by that?

A. First, we mostly talk about ourselves.  60% of the time.  Boring. The other person knows what they want to say, we’re just waiting for us to take a breath so they can talk.

Q. What advice do you have for becoming a better listener?

A. Try to listen to the underlying message behind someone’s words.  What are they really saying?

Q.  What is conversational competence?

A.  The ability to communicate a message clearly and to understand what others tell you.  Our messages get garbled and we have a hard time listening to what is actually said instead of hearing a partial message.

Q.  Do you have any additional conversation tips?

A. 1.  Be there in the conversation or go elsewhere.  We’re really not that good at multi-tasking.

2.  Check your bias.  The belief that your intelligence protects you from erroneous assumptions can end up making you more vulnerable.

3.  Hide the phone.  Don’t just put it down.  Put it away.

In Conclusion…Communication skills are skills that last a lifetime.  They can be so-so or better.  But, it’s probably worth the effort to improve.

Source: “How To Have Better Conversations,” Self-Storage News, Sept/Oct. 2017

Self-Storage Online Auction Bill Passes

 Issue 68- Online Auction Bill Passes

Introduction…Governor Greg Abbot signed Senate Bill 952 into law May 28, 2017.  Self-storage online auctions rules are now clarified. The Texas Self-Storage Association (TSSA) promoted this bill so that online auctions could be codified into Texas Property Statute so there is no question they are allowed.

What this means to self-storage owners…Many TSSA owners have already been using online auctions to sell abandoned property.  But, this legislation clarifies that online auction is a public auction that satisfies the statute.

Many TSSA members have reported that online auctions offers easier processes, and in many cases higher bids, as the pool of bidders expands.

Many of the same members told TSSA they’d rather spend time on normal business activity of renting and maintaining units and collecting rents than holding in-person auctions at the facility.

In summary…Most self-storage owners and managers will tell you they would much rather collect rent than auction tenants property.  However, the advantage of self-storage over any other kind of property rental, is if we don’t get paid, we can sell the units content to pay back rent and fees.

For those who love collectibles and antiques, the TSSA has a listing of upcoming online auctions where  you can participate.  Here’s the link

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