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New Concept: Self-Storage Mobility Center

 Issue 93 – Future of Mobility?

Introduction…U-Haul International is building in Tallahassee, FL its first “mobility center.”  This will be a U-Haul facility that is unprecedented. Unlike anything, it has ever developed.

So, what is it?  The mobility center will include:

  • Self-storage space
  • Truck-sharing and rental services
  • Car-sharing and rental services
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • A research and innovation incubator
  • Bicycle sales and repair services
  • Stations for alternative fuels
  • A “smart mobility center”
  •  It will be an “innovative mix of transportation and business services

Where’s the profit?  Looks like to this author that the services that will be profitable are the same services U-Haul provides now.  Self-storage and truck rentals.

In summary…The self-storage industry is growing in two opposite directions.  First, this amalgamation of services as U-Hual is developing.  The second is a total unmanned kiosk run storage facility discussed in a previous issue here.   Which will be successful will depend largely on the market location.

After an extensive commercial real estate career, I settled on self-storage investing for two reasons. It’s the best passive – residual income in the market today.