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The 6 Secrets To Getting People To Say Yes

the-secrets-to-getting-people-to-say-yes “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, A Short Review Bill Moist, MS, CPA

  1. Reciprocity Give them something first, i.e. giving a free taste of candy when going into a candy store and customers were 42% more likely to buy because they felt obligated to give back to someone who had given to them.
  2. Liking Find a commonalty with those we are negotiating with. We get a better deal and more grace here.   We do more business with people we like.
  3. Authority  We say yes to people who have more authority who can give us evidence that they are competent, credential, and experience in a particular area.
  4. Social Proof If we find a lot of our peers are doing something or this is the largest selling item we are more likely to buy. A restaurant owner can increase the likelihood of buying a certain item by adding – this is one of our most popular items.  It increases sales by 13 to 20%.  Why not say most popular options.
  5. Scarcity We want items that are more rare. Grocery store can increase sales by saying “only x number of items available per family.”
  6. Commitment and consistency. We want to be consistent with what we already said or have done publicly. Ask people to take a small step in our direction.  Then they are more likely to follow through.  In health care no shows are a big problem.  Instead of giving patient a card with date and time, give them a blank card and have them write it in.  No shows drop 18% because they’ve made an active public commitment to that time and date.

It has been a pleasure to share The 6 Secrets To Getting People To Say Yes.  A link to this book, Influence,  is provided later.  This is Bill Moist, MS, CPA