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Self-Storage Startups Distrupt Storage Industry

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Introduction…Self-Storage startups disrupt storage industry.  Let’s look at four ways disruption is happening today.

  1.  Betting on small volumes.  MakeSpace rents only boxes for small volumes instead of renting individual units as do other big companies.  MakeSpace sends the boxes to the customer, picks up the packed items, then stores them outside of town for a fraction of the cost. Customers don’t have anything to do with storing the box, rather it is catalogued and can be accessed anytime.
  2. Utilizing an ap to make the customers life easier.  Clutter, an app-based company aimed at being as convent for customers as possible. The customer opens an app, requests storage box, takes photo of items, and appoints a time for the box to be picked up.  When they want the box returned, they simply tap “Bring Me My Boxes” in Clutter app and it is delivered the next day.
  3. Starting a library service…BoxBee is a Cloud-based self-storage that allows customers to lend the things they store to friends and colleagues.   Each customer is free to arrange inventory via the company’s website and place photos of the things they are willing to lend.
  4. Stepping away from tradition…Startup Storage Palmentto offers client-controlled facilities and specifically mention that they allow unusual uses in their units.  For example, they mention that the units could be used for band practice.

Conclusion…Self-storage business may look old-fashioned, but it’s rapid growth market that can win from applying new, high-tech approaches.  The door is wide open for new applications of current or future technology in the self-storage world.