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(Updated) Closely-Guarded Secrets To Becoming Carefree Investor

Closely-Guraded Secret Why Those Who Discovered This Are So Happy

The meeting was held at ElFenix in Dallas, Texas on March 15, 2016. This was spring break week and attendance was unusually low.  However, the meeting was quite lively and those in attendance were very engaged and excited to be there.  The meeting had a warmth and supportive atmosphere not common to many business luncheons.  Many of those in attendance were owners & investors of this asset class.

I have never been around a group of owners & investors who were so:

  1. Care free
  2. Stress free
  3. Disconnected from current market conditions concerns
  4. Happy
  5. Joyful
  6. Supportive of one another

Why have you not heard of this before?  Several reasons:

  • Generally, this is not a asset class promoted by Wall Street
  • Insurance salesman do not sell this product
  • This is not a product promoted by most brokers – in fact very few understand this class
  • Few people even notice this product type when they drive by it or ask if they should have this their portfolio

Here is a true story.  I contacted a broker with a major brokerage firm that I’ve done business with previously.  He said, “Bill, we just don’t sell that product here.”  Later, I discovered that his company had a national group active in this area and one of the top Texas brokers was in his office right under his nose.

So, it is apparent that this is a closely-guarded secret.  In fact, in the state of Texas there are only a handful of brokers who sell it.

One of these brokers told me, “Bill, I discovered this asset class 17 years ago.  Once I understood it, this is all I wanted to sell.”  I heard those words by several people, “once I discovered this asset class this is all I want to invest in or purchase.”

There are many reasons these owners & investors mentioned above are so care free.  One reason is that it does well in both good times and bad economic times.  Also, the loan default rate is low single digits.

Click Here to watch the above video The Closely-Guarded Secret To Becoming A Care Free Investor.

You owe to yourself to find out what these happy, care free owners & investors have discovered.  To discover what they know and and “Get Little Known Secrets For Steady Income” FREE go to

RV Sales Driving New Self Storage Class


RV Sales Growing Self-Storage Demand…RV The research, conducted by Dr. Richard Curtin, RV industry analyst and director of consumer surveys at the University of Michigan, reveals the number of RV-owning households has grown to a new peak of 8.9 million households, up from 7.9 million in 2005. According to the report, 8.5% of U.S. households now own RVs, up from 8.0% in 2005.

“Today’s record RV ownership levels reflect the enduring appeal of the RV lifestyle despite recent economic challenges,” said RVIA President Richard Coon. “I expect RV ownership to continue growing as more and more people learn how RVing is a cost-effective and fun way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.”

So, where do the 8.9 million  households store their RVs?  Most of the larger motorhomes and larger travel trailers can’t be stored in city residential areas.

The self-storage industry has recognized and met this demand.  Many properties have built larger storage units to accommodate the largest motor-coach.

What is next..the new self-storage class…

The new class of self-storage for RVs includes drive through buildings long enough for the Class A Motor-coach pulling a boat and an auto.  In addition basic maintenance, fueling, and cleaning is available.  The owner can drop off all his rig and it will be ready when he or she returns.

This facility also may include a motor-coach high-tech community next door as well as traditional self-storage.  The result will be all the RV owner needs for the care-free lifestyle they desire.

Consumer Behavior And Technology


The Dallas Chapter of Texas Self Storage Association panel discussion revealed startling studies of consumer behavior as it reacted to technology.  This consumer behavior information applies a many industries as the results were found in a cross section  locations and socio-economic status.

Sit back and enjoy what was gleaned from hundreds of locations and thousands of customers:

  • 2% of leasing comes from social media
  •  Kiosk going away
  •  Hand held device phone more prevalent
  • Location important
  • Online increasing
  •  Tenants like different venues
  • Make it easy to people to do business with you.
  • 59% have desk top
  • 72% laptop
  • 85% have mobile experience
  • 70% of renters are woman
  • 50% of renters are first time. Good help makes a difference
  • 3 stores under 40,000 sf cut hours to 8-12 part-time employees
  • 80 stores only part-time
  • Some technology reduces costs.
  • 1st priority is local search, Yelp, Four Square
  • Website Must be SEO friendly. 70% top 2
  • ESign no paper files is used by only a few owners.
  • Internet marketing cost $7000 to $9000 store. 7 to 8%
  • SEO local website $400 per month with 8 stores
  • REIT has advantage with technologe
  • Advantage is market penetration so fill up
  • Smaller property owners can outperform on customer service, security, local involvement i.e. garage sale to raise money for local charity
  • On line rentals are game changer
  • Store phone is a cell phone. Take on Property
  • Always answer the phone with phone service
  • QR codes off
  • Google plus off
  • Storage battles TV increase sales amount as does online auctions…
  • The actual sale happens at store to comply. Blair has had 600 sales.
  • Mail people pictures of content to get back rent.

In summary…No doubt, consumer behavior is changing as we adopt new technologies and forgo old technologies.  A successful marketing follows and adopts to these trends.

The Day More Important Than July 4, 1776


In honor of Independence Day and all those who have given their lives to keep us free, we’re changing our normal distribution day for this blog from Wednesday to Independence Day.

What they did not teach you in school.  September 5, 1774 is more important than July 4, 1776.  Here’s why.

The DECISION to declare independence was very contentious and was not unanimous initially.  Governor Gage of Massachusetts offered Samuel Adams a bribe from the Henry VIII if he would cease his opposition to the current government of the Colonies.

Samuel Adams has a choice of two DECISIONS.  He could cease his opposition to the Crown and receive personal bribes, or he could CONTINUE, AND RUN THE RISK OF BEING HANGED!

Adams answer, “Then you may tell Governor Gage that I trust I have long since made peace with the King of Kings.  No personal consideration shall induce me to abandon the righteous cause of my Country.  And TELL GOVERNOR GAGE IT IS THE ADVICE OF SAMUEL ADAMS TO HIM, no longer insult the feelings of an exasperated people.”

The Congress of the Colonists was called to order.  Samuel Adams locked the door, placed the key into his pocket saying, NO MAN SHOULD LEAVE THE ROOM UNTIL THE DECISION FOR SUCH A CONGRESS HAD BEEN REACHED.

Great excitement followed.  Some weighed in the possible consequences of such radicalism.  (Old Man Fear.)  Locked in that room were TWO MEN immune to Fear, blind to the possibility of failure.  Joh Hancock and Samuel Adams.  Through the influence of their minds, the others were induced to agree that arrangements should be made for the meeting of the First Continental Congress, to be held in Philadelphia, September 5, 1774.

Now you know why that date is more important than July 4, 1776.  If there had been no DECISION to hold a Continental Congress, there would have been no signing of the Declaration of Independence.